Frequently asked questions

How To Get Extra WToken?

For Every Deposit MYR 50 You Are Entitled To Get 1 WToken. If You Had Deposited MYR 100 In One Receipt , You Will Reveive 2 WToken.

Why WToken Is Launched ?

WToken Is Our Appreciation To Our W33Play’s Dear Customers. You Can Used WToken at Spin Wheel For Free Credits or Redeem Luxury Gifts at WReward.

How Can I Redeem My Gifts?

You Have To Accumulate Your WToken To Redeem Your Gifts. Order Can Be Placed Thru Our Customer Services at LiveChat, Telegram ,Wechat, and Whatsapp.

When Can I Receive My Gifts ?

Once You Have Redeem The Gift, Our Customer Service Will Proceed & Shipping Out To You Within 2 Weeks .

Is That Any Validation Date For WToken?

There Is No Expired Date For WToken. You Can Redeem Your Luxury Gift By Using WToken Anytime ,Anymoment.